MICA Counter

Semi-Automated Early-CFU Colony Counter

Fluorescence Technology

Counting Culturable microorganisms faster in filterable samples


MICA is the very first micro colony semi-automated counter on the market. Thanks to its unrivalled optical resolution combined with a cutting edge software using artificial intelligence, it is capable of detecting and counting culturable microorganisms at their early stage of micro colony in record time.

• Micro Colony Counters in CFU
• Machine-learning Software
• Semi automatic solutions, easy to use and to implement
• Smart counters easily integrated into a LEAN management system
• One-Day training for your technicians


Results in CFU


3-5 Times Faster


Traditional Pasteurian method

Our Micro Colony Counter



Fast-result with a full-field in focus scanning & enhanced image processing.


Extremely precise detection area on the membrane with a high optical quality.


HD Screen to guide you through the analysis protocol. No need to connect the counter to a computer. Fits into a Biosafety cabinet.


All MICA testing protocols are based on the culture reference protocols dedicated to the usual enumeration of the targeted microorganisms.

High quality optics for Best Results rendering


Integrated safety & traceability

Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines

LED-Based Technology

Our Early-Stage Colony Counter

MICA Fluorescence allow fast enumeration based on specific fluorescence labelling 

MICA Fluorescence

MICA Fluorescence counts microcolonies that emit a fluorescent signal. It allows faster enumeration of several microorgansims, with a semi automated process.

Our Software

Choose your Mica software according to the microorganisms you want to enumerate.

With MICA Fluorescence counter, choose your MICA Application Software and quickly enumerate the following microorganisms:

Detection Solutions 

Our Application Domains

Diamidex offers tailored solutions for a wide range of industries and markets. Whatever your needs are, there is always a MICA solution for you.

Environmental Testing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Cosmetics Industry

Soft drinks & Juices Industry

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