MICA Fluorescence

Semi-Automated Early-CFU Colony Counter

Fluorescence Technology

Counting microorganisms at their microcolony culture stage

The MICA Fluorescence Counter makes it possible to count objects (such as micro colonies) on a membrane. The optical system of the counter takes very high-resolution snapshots of each membrane, which are then analyzed by the MICA Fluorescence counter’s software to determine the precise number of objects present on the membrane.

One counter, many specific software solutions

Legionella pneumophila testing with fast results in CFU

Legionella pneumophila

Results in 48 hours
CFU > 100/L
Only culturable L. pneumophila
All serotypes

Bioburden detection for TAMC & TYMC testing


Results in 24 & 48 hours
1 CFU / membrane
Only culturable TAMC & TYMC
Coming soon

MICA allows to detect alicyclobacillus bacteria in 24 hours


Results in 24 hours
1 CFU / membrane
Only culturable Alicyclobacillus 

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Results from 14 hours
1 CFU / membrane
Only culturable bacteria
Coming soon

MICA, the first smart microcolony counter on the market

An extreme sensitivity allowing to detect microorganisms at their early culturable stage

Thanks to an unmatched optical resolution among colonies counters, MICA is capable of detecting and counting microorganisms at their microcolony stage.

  • Automated Smartscan
  • Fluorescence detection and bright field

A semi-automatic solution, easy to use and to implement

Designed as a turnkey solution, MICA is easy to use and to implement, by all technicians. The operator is guided step-by-step through a simplified protocol according to the targeted microorganism. The automatic counting of microcolonies ensures fewer uninterpretable results than traditional culture method, faster

Integrated safety and traceability

MICA includes a software according to the targeted microorganism. The use of MICA is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. The analysis history is accessible, and all data are exportable and can be integrated into a LIMS or CRM system making of MICA an essential decision support tool.


A smart counter easily integrated into a LEAN management system

MICA has been specifically created to meet laboratories’ and industrials’ needs to improve their productivity. Technician time savings are made thanks to a simplified protocol, including function such as repeatability of results & readings. Results are released faster to the client allowing a better microbiological workflow.

Data sheet for MICA counter

  • Sample format: Standard membrane 48 mm diameter
  • Detection type: Fluorescence and bright field
  • Obtained result: Total number of microcolonies per sample
  • Diameter of detected objects: > 10 μm
  • Quantitative method: Yes
  • Membrane transfer tool:  Anodized aluminum reusable cassette
  • Number of transfer cassettes supplied: 2

Detection area: 38 mm diameter on the membrane
Type of scan: Automated and multi-color smart scan
Number of images per membrane: 70
Focus: Preset focus
Light source: High intensity, low consumption LED

Format of analysis reports: .pdf
Data export format: .csv
Connectivity: 1 USB 3.0 port + 1 Ethernet port
Internal storage: 240 Go
Screen: Tactile, 8”

Power supply:

  • Input:  100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Power:  200 W
  • Operating temperature: 5-35°C (41°F – 95°F)
  • Power cable length: 2,5 m

Dimensions and weights:

  • Product dimensions:  (WxDxH) 340 x 340 x 320 mm (13.4 x 13.4 x 12.6 in.)
  • Net product weight: 19 Kg (42 lbs)