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Make the invisible visible,


Our Mission

Detect the presence of microbes before they create an infection


By making the invisible visible,

wherever needed and faster 

Bacteria, fungi, yeasts … microbes are invisible to the naked eye.

Present everywhere, in the environment or consumable goods, they can generate life-threatening infections. Nosocomial, septicemia, urinary, intestinal, pulmonary… infectious diseases account for nearly 17 million deaths a year worldwide, or about 1 in 3 deaths, this proportion can go up to 43% in developing countries. 

With Fast


And easy to use

Microorganisms detection solutions

Our technology

An unprecedented way of making microbian culture a quick identification and quantification method

Culture on a Petri dish, the Louis Pasteur’s method, has been the most effective way of identifying and counting microbes since the 19th century. Therefore this method is still the most often used today. Its principle : extracting the microorganisms from a sample, putting them on a dedicated Petri dish, containing the “food” they need to grow, then wait. Once the microbes have multiplied enough, they get visible to the eye, and can be counted. Though reliable, this method can take a lot of time, as some microbes need several hours to multiply.

The Diamidex technique : feeding microbes with a previously redisigned food…

Perfectly harmless for the microorganisms, Diamidexes patented Sugars have been especially designed for being eaten only by the targeted microorganisms. Once eaten, those Sugars make the microbes skins cover themselves with chemical hooks. Onto those hooks can then be plugged chemical objects, such as coloured, luminescent or fluorescent particles that can be seen at a very low concentration.

Microbes covered with those particles can become visible up to 10 times faster than with the traditional method.

Diamidex uses the metabolic and physical properties of living cells

to make the cells express themselves

A technology initiated from French academic excellence research, considered as a major scientific breakthrough

Our application domains

A 360° technological platform

dedicated to microbiological express  preventive diagnostic

Our goal is to allow the largest possible public to conduct preventing microbian testing wherever and whenever needed.

For that reason, we designed both testing procedures and dedicated equipment so they could be used by anyone (no technical skills required), anywhere : in laboratories or in the field with mobile and compact laboratories.

For water samples testing

(sanitary hot waters, potable waters, industrial cooling towers waters…)

For industrial goods samples testing


Water Test

 Coliforms and Legionella self-testing made easy

MICA Legionella

The first semi-automated L. pneumophila CFU counter. Your results in 48 hours !

Meeting the needs of various leading companies

Latest News

Diamidex closes a €2.9 M financing round

The cutting-edge Diamidex® technology, allowing the marking and identification of targeted microorganisms, has been granted €2 million in private equity financing, supplemented by a €400k loan from Total Développement Régional and a €500k contribution from Bpifrance.

October 1st, 2019

DIAMIDEX obtains support from TOTAL Développement Régional!


After winning the 2018 innovation competition by ADEME for the development of the first automated control solution for legionella in water systems, Diamidex has just received a k€400 loan from TOTAL Développement Régional to promote its new solution for legionella detection.
September 4th, 2019

New Project Legio EZ AUTO for Automation of Legionella Detection in Water

Find out about Diamidex’s new project LEGIO EZ AUTO approved by Pôle Aqua-Valley!

September 4th, 2019

TV Finance : Interview of Sam Dukan, CEO

Sam Dukan, co-founder of Diamidex and co-inventor of its technology : “We developed a method making the invisible visible, faster” 

April 17th, 2019.

Diamidex : Finalist at the “Trophées de l’Innovation” competition

A contest organised by Aix-Marseille French Tech, Aix-Marseille Université, Protisvalor & la SATT Sud-Est for rewarding the most promising innovations of the riviera territory.

March 26th, 2019.

Diamidex : the technological platform dedicated to express microbian diagnostic

Coming soon, from the merger of Click4Tag, C4Hydro and C4Biocontrol

During spring 2019, Diamidex will accelerate the deployment of the microbiological express diagnostic solutions previously developped by 3 fast growing french Startups.

March 6th, 2019.

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