Legionella pneumophila
water testing

Legionella pneumophila
water testing

Internalize your Legionella analysis and increase your margins

Be innovative, reactive, and more competitive !

How it works

safety & traceability

 Compliant 21 CFR part 11

GLP (Good Lab Practices)

Integrated traceability system during the protocol

  • On all samples throughout the protocol
  • On the good progress of the analysis protocol
  • On the stock management of the consummables

 Rights management per user, individual login

easy protocole

sample info entering

sample preparation

Incubation (48 hours)

Results in CFU*

Data integration in your system

Analysis history

Decision support

Data export

Easy to compare with regulatory CFU* lab results

MICA Legionella gives you results in 48 hours and up to 48 tests every day

Easy to implement

Customer support

Customization of your MICA solution
MICA is modular, and adapts to your needs

Plug-n-play installation of MICA in your premises

MICA operator training : 1 day, all included

You’re ready to go! 

Easy to use

Easy to use
(even for non technicians)


All-in-one installation

All you ever dreamt of for internalizing your routine or emergency Legionella analyzes

save money with Mica


    The number of analyzes you would make with MICA solution 
MICA analyzes 
1 000
MICA analyzes 
2 500
MICA analyzes
5 000
MICA analyzes 
The price you pay today to labs for making your analyzes $50 $2 007 $14 373 $53 833 $151 067
$100 $27 007 $64 373 $178 833 $401 067

*based on average premises and staff costs, after depreciation of the MICA all-in-one Equipment

For instance, if your unitary costs per test is $50 and that you plan to do 2 500 tests per year, you will save $53 833 per year

100% ROI of the MICA all-in-one Equipment after less than 1 000 analysis!

Testing Protocol

A semi-automatic quantification of culturable L. pneumophila from all serogroups (CFU/L) in 48H, and in all types of water samples.

Sample filtration
on a filtration manifold

Acid treatment – pH2
(eq. ISO 11731) 5 min

Rinsing with water
(eq. ISO 11731)

Culture on GVPC
(eq. ISO 11731)

Assimilation of the specific L. pneumophila DIAMIDEX® labeling

48 hours

 Fluorochrome marking
15 min

Washing 15 min

Counting <5 min, automated


*Colonies Forming Units per milliliter or liter

3 easy steps, less than 30 minutes of man time to conduct untill 6 full analyzes per run

Major advantages compared to ISO 11731

  • Results in 48 hours
  • Less non-interpretable results (the interfering flora does not have time to grow)
  • More accurate results : we count all Legionella pneumophila microcolony present and not only few representative colonies.
  • Linear counting between 1 and >100 000 CFU/l per membrane (different from GVPC Plate, linear between 30 and 150 colonies)
  • No need to make several conditions (dilution, thermal shock…) to eliminate the Interferent Flora.


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